Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Content Marketing Wizard?

The Content Marketing Wizard is a comprehensive collection of tools, templates and manuals to guide you through the entire process of Content Marketing. It uses the Google Apps platform, making it very easy to collaborate with others. Purchase of the Content Marketing Wizard grants you access to all tools, templates and manuals.

Additional requirements: you need a Google account. A free Gmail account suffices, but a Google Apps account is recommended.

The Content Marketing Wizard consists of 10 steps, revolving around two key concepts:
  1. creating the Plan - Audience Creator
  2. creating the Content - Story Creator

Why do I need to do anything with Content Marketing?

Because 'old-school' marketing techniques, such as advertising and cold-calling are less and less effective. The web is here to stay and has become an integral part of most peoples' lives. If you want your business to get noted, it is importance to establish a presence on the web. Content Marketing is an important mechanism for generating online attention, for instance, to draw people to your website.

What is new about your approach?

We endeavour to create a complete method that any time-challenged, non-tech-savvy entrepreneur can adopt. A method that guides you through the entire process of content marketing, from the planning stage to analyzing the results. We do this not just but telling you how you can do it, but we also provide you with a complete framework. You get templates and examples, as well as two ways of explaining the theory behind it: we give you the 'dry' manual and we present it in the form of a story that we hope you can relate to. On top of that, we strive to keep our members up-to-date on new developments, so that they can focus on their business.

Do I need prior knowledge about (content) marketing?

Who are behind the Content Marketing Wizard?
For a quick introduction see the About page.

I am having a technical problem with my membership
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