Content Marketing Wizard Marketing Plan

Make Social Media and Online Marketing Work for You

That’s where the Content Marketing Wizard comes in. It is a practical, step-by-step method for making your stories heard. By systemizing the use of social media and content marketing, you will be able raise brand awareness and ultimately generate a continuous flow of leads.

To get you started with content marketing, you first need a strategy! Only with a plan will your marketing be successful. 

The Content Marketing Wizard contains two main products:
  • Audience Creator - create a focussed online marketing plan
  • Story Creator - create effective content (currently in limited beta)

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We have worked hard to make the Content Marketing Wizard self-explanatory. So you should be able to use it without any help. Still, sometimes it just helps to talk to someone. 

Probably the quickest way to get ahead is to use our Do-With-You, side by side in real time services. You will still be doing some of the work yourself, but you can discuss your progress with an actual person.

With the Content Marketing Wizard you get:

  • A practical, no-nonsense system for content marketing that you can use without hiring an expensive marketing consultant.
  • Feedback via our Do With You solution, so you can talk to an human being about your plan.
  • Quick results, because ten simple steps guide you through the entire process of crafting a content marketing strategy. to creation, production, distribution, monitoring and conversion of content. (note: at this moment, only the Audience Creator is available)
  • No more (c)old acquisition,  because you do the branding and drawing attention online.
  • A structured framework for content marketing, so you don't have to organize everything yourself.
  • Ideas for story content, because just thinking about your product will remind you of things you once wanted to say but forgot to :-)